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I am in my 16th year with I began in the early days of internet radio and am pleased to say Voice America is outstanding in topics, hosts, and program line-up. Check out their other programs to be inspired. All current and past programs are archived on this site and can be heard after they air at:

Monday, February 4th - Variety channel

2:00-2:30pm/11:00-11:30am PT
Tony Durso
Success with Vision Map™ Methodology
Tony Durso, is a TV, Radio Host and Bestselling Author. He has interviewed some of the biggest names in the world, from Hollywood stars to sports greats. In the past 3 years, he has launched Revenue Chat Radio and The Spotlight with Tony Durso—now merged into one giant. The Tony Durso Show, garnering 3 million downloads to date. He became the number one show on VoiceAmerica’s Influencers Channel produced an Amazon bestseller, Elite Entrepreneurs. Tony has also launched The Tony Durso TV Show, which helps thousands of entrepreneurs learn from the success of others.Tony will discuss The Vision Map™–how to bring Your Future To You by creating the map that takes you safely to your destination.  More about Tony Durso.
2:30-3:00pm/11:30-12:00pm PT
Wendy Wollner
Applying The Five Buckets Principle

Wendy Wollner is the Founder and CEO of Balancing Life’s Issues (BLI). With over 25 years of experience she has built and oversees a network of over 1500 BLI trainers who bring work/life balance programs to corporations, not-for-profit organizations, employee assistance programs, and educational institutions.

BLI trainers create custom-tailored curriculum for programs that focus on topics that include: Emotional Intelligence; Managing Stress with Humor and Health and Wellness. All BLI trainers bring their own personal experiences as well as their expertise to the programs, bringing a deeper level of understanding and human connection to help reach all individuals.She will discuses the five buckets principle, the science of work life balance More about Wendy Wollner.

Monday, February 11th - Variety channel

2:00-3:00PM/11:00-12:00PM PT
Dr. Harville Hendrix & Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt
Getting The Love You Want
Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D., co-created Imago Relationship Therapy, a unique healing process for couples, prospective couples, and parents. Together they have more than thirty years’ experience as educators and therapists. Recommended by happy couples around the world, their book shows how to revive romance, remove negativity, and create safe ways to communicate that will completely transform your lives.The authors will discuss how to resolve the power struggle inherent in every relationship along with what your partner REALLY wants, needs, and craves out of the relationship – and what you do too. More about Dr. Harville & Dr. LaKelly Hunt.

Monday, February 18th - Variety channel

2:00-3:00pm/11:00-12:00pm PT
Arielle Ford
The Love Codes
Arielle Ford, founder of Art of Love, has been living, teaching, and promoting consciousness for 30 years. Alongside Claire Zammit, Ph.D. Founder of Feminine Power, they have created an free online seminar where they reveal the “The 6 Love Codes” for conscious women to attract a high quality partner and create an extraordinary love. Arielle will discuss how the course includes everything you need to create the space, clarity, vision, power, skills and capacity to have a lasting love. The love codes modules, contain reflection practice, transcripts, group mentoring calls, and lifetime access to recordings and course materials. This seminar is based on the leading Feminine Power and Love Manifesting Approaches that Claire and Arielle have pioneered for decades along with leading edge insights and tools from over 200 of the worlds leading love experts. More on Arielle. More about Love Codes.

Monday, February 25th - Variety channel

2:00-3:00PM/11:00-12:00PM PT
Paula Marshall
Bama Companies
Paula Marshall, author and CEO of the Bama Companies since 1984, her vision stands as a beacon for team members, inspiring the organization to achieve the Bama mission – “People Helping People Be Successful”. Under her leadership Bama has expanded to provide a wide variety of frozen desserts and baked goods to fast food chains and casual and family dining restaurants. She will give tips on how to make work fulfilling and productive, as well as discuss her book, “Finding the Soul of Big Business.” More about Paula.

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