Sponsor Testimonials

“I have been a featured guest on Patricia Raskin’s radio programs for the past two years. I really believe in positive messaging and support the purpose and passion behind Patricia’s work wholeheartedly. It is a pleasure to share concepts from my books, Finding the Soul of Big Business, and Sweet as Pie, Tough as Nails among others. As a society, we need to find and express the soul in our businesses and in ourselves. Patricia facilitates this process beautifully.”
Paula Marshall, CEO, The Bama Companies, Author and Speaker

“I have been a guest on “Patricia Raskin Positive Living” for the past two years. The audience is very interested in the use of nutrition for anxiety and depression. I have found this to be an excellent way for me to deliver these concepts effectively and to get results in my practice.”
James Greenblatt MD, Integrative Psychiatrist and Author The Breakthrough Depression Solution

“I’ve had great results from being on the “Patricia Raskin Positive Living” show. The interest is high and her Providence area listeners have been traveling to my office in Malden, Mass. Prolotherapy is a concept that is more widely recognized because of its effectiveness. Patricia does a great job of working with callers and keeping the interview focused.”
Dr. Albert Franchi, MD, North Suburban Orthopedics

“Being a guest on Positive Business has given me a consistent opportunity to showcase and promote Leading Women to the business community. Patricia and her co-host Mari Anne Snow worked diligently to ensure our message and mission is the forefront of every interview. If your goal is to reach the business community through a professional, credible and engaging platform, I highly recommend Patricia Raskin and Positive Business.”
Lisa Bergeron President of Leading Women SENE/CT

“I have been a featured guest on the Positive Business radio program primarily to discuss sales strategies from my book, “Building Your Bridge to Sales Success.” Through the program, I have been able to bring on successful entrepreneurs whom I have coached. Being on “Positive Business” has increased my visibility and sales of my book. I highly recommend being a featured guest on Positive Business. Patricia and Mari Anne are delightful to work with and they were able to get across to listeners my message of how important it is to understand the sales process in order to become successful in sales.”
Steve Gareau, CEO, author Building Your Bridge to Sales Success

“I have had the pleasure of working with Patricia as a guest and also her co-host on Positive Business for over a year now. Patricia is an excellent role-model as both an entrepreneur and a top-notch media coach – I highly recommend her! She is the consummate professional, dedicated to providing her guests with “positive” opportunities to share expertise and promote their businesses on the air. Her listeners benefit from her ability to showcase amazing authors, experts and professionals who deliver top-quality advice week after week. Working with her has provided me an opportunity to extend my business network and grow my company while establishing myself as an expert in my field. Plus she is pure fun to work with – thanks, Patricia!”
Mari Anne Snow, CEO, SophiaThink Consulting

“Our temporary employment agency has had good results with on Positive Business radio show. We offer employers who call us as a result of listening to Positive Business, complimentary four hours with temporary employees. We offer employees an evaluation and rewrite of their resume to gain temporary employment. As well as getting results, it’s great fun to be on the show!”
Vincent Indeglia, Esq. President American Labor Services, Inc

“Medi Weight Loss Clinics is expanding to the corporate wellness market because corporate wellness is a key factor in corporate success. Being on the Positive Business show is part of this process and we have had interested employers call in during the program. It also gives us the opportunity to bring on the air clients who have had success with our program.”
John Migliaccio, Partner, Medi Weightloss Clinics, Cranston and East Providence RI