Patricia Raskin is recognized as the “powerhouse voice” of positive lifestyle and aging. She has been a “positive media” pioneer for almost four decades and is an award winning radio producer and business owner.

Patricia’s mission is to educate, inspire and motivate audiences on her television, radio, internet podcast programs as well as her seminars and trainings.

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So excited to announce the new pilot program, “Positive Aging” on Rhode Island PBS that I am producing and hosting. We look forward to expanding this to a year long series. This is a continuation of my work for almost four decades to highlight positive living through the media.


Raskin Resources Services Provided

Marketing and sales of products and services that improve quality of life

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Recruiting for client acquisition



Business consulting for client retention strategies

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Communications and soft skills training for organizations and companies

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Transition coaching for those looking to start the next chapter of their lives

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Motivational keynote talks focusing on positive living and aging

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Podcast packages including coaching, recording and broadcasting on iTunes

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